Wheel bearings

Wheel bearings keep you rolling

A bearing is a set of steel balls held together by a metal ring. It reduces friction in the wheels, allowing them to rotate freely.

The bearing is placed within the wheel hub assembly and keeps the wheel attached to your vehicle. Wheel bearings are also a critical part for your anti-lock braking system (ABS) and your traction control system (TCS).

Signs of a faulty wheel bearing

Wheel bearings are under enormous pressure and withstand a lot of heat. They eventually wear out and need to be replaced. You’ll hear an annoying whine and/or groaning sound. The sound may come and go at certain speeds or while turning. Also, looseness in the wheel may indicate a faulty bearing. Bring your vehicle to a NAPA AUTOPRO centre immediately. If you wait too long, your wheels may lock up or you could get stranded.


Have your bearings inspected regularly to see if any maintenance is needed. Your NAPA AUTOPRO service technician can quickly tell if your bearings are bad by raising the vehicle and wiggling the wheels, which should not move along the vertical axis.

Replacement or repair

These days, most vehicles have wheel bearing assemblies that cannot be serviced. When things go wrong, we simply replace the entire bearing assembly or even the wheel hub assembly.

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