Exhaust system

The exhaust system has three main functions

1. Suppress loud engine noise
2. Remove harmful pollutants from the exhaust fumes
3. Move exhaust fumes from the engine out through the exhaust pipe

The exhaust system includes a manifold that collects fumes from the cylinders, a flexible part that absorbs shocks in the engine, an exhaust fumes analyzer, a catalytic converter that burns off harmful gases and a pipe with a sound-suppressing muffler. Everything is held together under your vehicle with bands, clamps and supports.

The exhaust fumes analyzer and the catalytic converter are the two most expensive parts of the system. Without engine maintenance and tune-ups, these two parts could stop working and need to be replaced.

Signs of a faulty exhaust system

An increase in engine volume is the most obvious sign of trouble. However, even without any loud rumbling, if you see smoke, smell gas, feel strange vibrations and / or if the check-engine light comes on, your exhaust system may have a problem.


Your exhaust system is constantly exposed to hot and cold temperatures and all sorts of weather conditions (rain, snow, mud). A system that isn’t functioning properly won’t pass your province’s emissions test. Without a minimum level of maintenance, you could be facing expensive repairs.

Extend your exhaust system’s life by having a certified NAPA AUTOPRO technician inspect it regularly.

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