Fuel System Cleaning

The fuel system functions

A vehicle’s fuel system typically consists of a fuel pump, located in the tank, a fuel filter and injectors. The fuel pump is located inside the fuel tank and pumps fuel out to the engine. The fuel filter is somewhere along the way between the fuel tank and the engine. His job is to filter out dirt as well as contaminants before it gets to the engine. Afterward, the fuel intake system and the fuel injectors deliver the fuel to be burned in the engine.

Injectors spray the necessary quantity of atomized fuel under high pressure for combustion in the cylinders and are a critical component. The spray nozzle is as small as the head of a pin and can get clogged if dirt gets stuck in it.

Depending on your manufacturer, there are two types of injection, the port injection and the gasoline direct injection. Both uses computer-controlled electric injectors in order to spray fuel into the engine. The difference is where they spray the fuel. For the gasoline direct injection, fuel is injected directly into the combustion chamber. For the port injection system, fuel is sprayed into the intake ports.

The importance of a fuel system

Your fuel system main function is to catch dirt and contaminants. When it is clogged, your engine may not be able to get enough fuel.

The vehicle’s central computer manages this system and is generally reliable. But if the fuel system is not regularly maintained, fuel consumption will increase over time, and the system could even fail. That’s why it’s crucial to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Failure to maintain the fuel system according to the manufacturer’s recommendations could cause the Check Engine light to come on and damage other parts controlled by the vehicle’s central computer.

In the meantime, in order to keep your fuel system clean, you can use a good quality gas. You could also add a fuel system cleaner to your tank in order to prolong the life of your fuel pump.

You can trust one of our certified NAPA AUTOPRO technicians for the maintenance of your vehicle’s fuel system.

How often do you need to verify your fuel system?

During a vehicle maintenance, the technician will determine if the fuel filter needs to be replaced or if the injectors need cleaning based on the recommended maintenance schedule.

In addition, your certified NAPA AUTOPRO technician will remove any deposits restoring the engine’s power and performance, and improve fuel economy. Direct injection fuel systems in late-model vehicles require meticulous maintenance.

A professional fuel system cleaning will give you the optimal performance over long distances.

Learn more about the fuel cleaning system from our NAPA AUTOPRO experts in the video below: