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A car starter is actually a small motor. The starter and solenoid engage the flywheel and turn the gear, causing the engine to start when you turn your key to the right position, or press the ignition button.

The solenoid is an electric relay that sends current from the battery to the starter, so the battery must have sufficient power to initiate the process.

Though simple, the whole process requires precise electrical components so the starter is able to operate during hot summers or on bitter cold winter mornings.

Signs of a faulty starter

There’s something wrong with your starter if the only thing you hear when turning the car key or pressing the start button is a clicking noise. And, of course, your car doesn’t start.

A whirring and grinding noise when starting up your car can also be a sign that your starter is due for replacement.


Generally a starter can last many years if the car’s electrical system is properly maintained. Frequent use as well as cold weather add stress and can accelerate wear. Your certified NAPA AUTOPRO technician has the expertise to diagnose starter problems, test the battery and replace the starter and / or solenoid.

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