Headlight bulbs

Maintenance for headlights and other lights

Your headlights not only help you see clearly at night and in stormy weather, they also assure that you are seen by other drivers. Over time, all headlight bulbs dim or burn out and need to be replaced.

The Highway Safety Code designates headlights and other lights as part of your vehicle’s safety equipment. So, you can avoid a fine by ensuring that all your lights are working properly.


Generally, the bulbs in your vehicle were installed together. When one burns out, it's smarter to replace or upgrade both bulbs at the same time. This assures even lighting and avoids having the work repeated. Have your bulbs inspected every time you get your oil changed.



Vehicles use standard or halogen bulbs, which are much brighter. HID lights use a high-intensity discharge to create white light for much safer driving conditions at night. You can also upgrade to LED bulbs. They cost more, but their powerful brightness makes night driving safer and more comfortable.

Don’t neglect the other lights on your vehicle. Fog lights, brake lights, back-up lights, licence-plate lights, turn-signal lights, etc.; all require regular inspections and maintenance.

Replacing some bulbs requires dismantling parts under the hood. Sometimes an electric relay burns out and prevents electrical power from reaching the headlights. Your certified NAPA AUTOPRO technician has the tools and the knowledge to keep you and your vehicle safe.


Over time, the plastic headlight lenses become yellow or foggy, which will block a lot of light. Your NAPA AUTOPRO technician can make them look new again with special cleaners and polishes, and a hard protective finish. It’s much less expensive than having your lenses replaced.

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