Wheel Alignment

Do I need a wheel alignment?

Maintaining a proper wheel alignment on your vehicle is fundamental for road safety. Indeed, alignment ensures consistency between the four wheels as well as a maximum contact on the surface of the road. The wheels of a vehicle are oriented according to the caster, the camber and the toe. Adjusting front alignments parts settings requires specific parts like bearing caps, bolts, and more.

Wheel alignment is unique to each vehicle model. Each manufacturer specify every parameter, taking into account the steering and suspension systems, engine and original tires, in order to direct our technicians to choose the right parts.

Why is my wheel’s alignment important?

Even though today’s vehicles are better designed and more resistant to impact than in the past, hitting a pothole or curb, or frequently driving over speed bumps can cause the wheels to become misaligned.

Poor alignment affects the car’s performance, causing the steering wheel to vibrate or the car pull to one side, forcing the driver to constantly correct course in order to keep moving in a straight line.

Over time, poor wheel alignment can damage other parts and, in particular, can cause your tires to wear unevenly and faster than usual.

For an alignment job well done

That’s why it’s important to get your wheel alignment checked by a certified NAPA AUTOPRO technician, who will be able to correctly align the front and rear axles.

Retrieve the pleasure of driving your vehicle with good road handling. We recommend performing wheel alignment maintenance once a year.

Discover the wheel alignment steps and techniques from our NAPA Autopro experts in the video below: