Air conditioning

Air conditioning is not just about cool

More than cooling the air in your car, air conditioning also reduces humidity. When the system fails, not only are you driving in a hot car, but you may not be able to clear condensation from the inside of your windshield in rainy weather.

Signs of faulty air conditioning

There are several signs your air conditioning system is not performing at its best and that it’s time to see your local NAPA AUTOPRO centre:

  • A lack of air freshness
  • Grinding or squealing noises (faulty compressor)
  • Odours
  • Excess moisture on inside of windshield
  • Oil or refrigerant leaks (need to recharge the A/C frequently)

Lack of refrigerant is the main cause of A/C problems. In the case of refrigerant leaks, the lubricant won’t work properly, which can damage the compressor, the most expensive part of the system.


To avoid costly air conditioning repairs, it’s important to inspect the system regularly to make sure it’s properly sealed. Recharging the A/C system with refrigerant protects the components and keeps it operating at peak efficiency. Your NAPA AUTOPRO centre will recharge the A/C system using R134 and R22 refrigerants, as well as R1234yf refrigerants used in newer car models. The A/C system must be serviced by professionals with the right equipment. Freon is dangerous and can damage the environment. Your NAPA AUTOPRO will know how to work on your system and properly recycle the A/C refrigerant.

Complex chemistry

For the A/C to function, the refrigerant fluid (Freon) is blended with a special oil that changes it from a liquid to a gas in just a few moments to cool the passenger compartment.

In newer car models, conventional R134 and R22 refrigerants have been replaced by more environmentally friendly R1234yf refrigerants. It’s important to remember that the air conditioning system in your car works throughout the year and not just in the summer!

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