Engine air filter

Your engine needs clean air to breathe

The engine air filter cleans the outside air before it gets to your engine and burns with fuel to produce combustion. Preventing dirt, contaminants or harmful debris from entering your engine, protects your vehicle from serious damage.

It’s all about energy efficiency

Impurities such as dust, pollution, and other dirt must be removed from both the air and the fuel. Gasoline is filtered several times before it reaches your engine, but the air is simply pulled in from around the vehicle, which is why an extremely efficient and clean air filter is necessary.

When the filter is dirty, some fuel doesn’t burn, the engine becomes less efficient, and both the engine and exhaust system get clogged.

If you drive where there is a lot of dust, pollution or pollen in the air, your engine air filter will get dirty more quickly and need to be changed sooner.


A new engine air filter will help you get more bang for your buck at the pump. Ask your certified NAPA AUTOPRO technician to check or replace the filter during an oil change or scheduled maintenance.

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