Car battery

The all-powerful battery

If your battery is dead, your vehicle won’t start. The starter motor, spark plugs, glow plugs, lights and electronic accessories all require electrical energy.

If your battery connections are loose and corroded, have your NAPA AUTOPRO technician clean the terminals and cables, when needed.

Leaving the headlights on or using / charging an electronic device with the car turned off, or short trips in the city can deplete your battery. It only takes about 10 deep cycle depletions before a battery dies.

Signs of a dying battery

If your vehicle is struggling to turn over before starting, or your headlights seem dimmer than normal, or if accessories such as the heating and A/C fan seem weak, your battery is in trouble.


The average lifespan of a battery is five years but 70% of batteries don’t even last four. Have your battery charged regularly and tested annually by a certified NAPA AUTOPRO technician to ensure proper maintenance and to prevent unpleasant surprises. If you live in a cold climate or use a lot of electrical accessories, you can upgrade to an AGM battery or one with more CCA capacity that will give you all the power you need.

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