A job for the injectors

For over a hundred years, internal combustion engines have worked by drawing a mixture of ambient air and a small amount of gasoline into a carburetor, then driving this mixture into each cylinder through the intake manifold. It got the job done but lots of fuel and power was lost in the process.

With electronics and the central computer, it’s now possible to measure the volume of air going into each cylinder and then spray with a fine mist of gasoline using an injector.

Like a tiny, highly pressurized pump, each injector precisely sprays a specific quantity of fuel as determined by the onboard computer based on the speed, temperature, power required, and so forth. Injectors improve performance and fuel economy. Plus, they make it much easier to start your car in cold weather!

Nevertheless, despite the fuel filter that removes impurities, injectors are subjected to extreme temperatures, from freezing cold in the winter to excessive heat in the summer. They wind up becoming less efficient when dirt gets builds up in the fuel injector nozzles, which are smaller than a pinhead. That’s why it’s important to entrust the maintenance of your injectors to a certified NAPA AUTOPRO technician. Depending on the mileage and manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations, your technician will clean the injectors to make them work like new and require less fuel.

If you don’t get regular maintenance on your injectors, they will become completely clogged, break down, and need to be replaced. Direct fuel injection engines require more regular maintenance because they become inefficient faster than other engine types. Your certified NAPA AUTOPRO technician will know what type of injector your vehicle has and if the system needs to be cleaned.