The headlamps functions

Having a clear vision while driving your vehicle is essential to a pleasant and safe drive. Headlights are needed whenever it is dark outside or on grey rainy days. Most headlamps have a halogen bulb inside a lens.

Check out our different options for headlights, bulbs and their related parts or visit a NAPA AUTOPRO Service centre.

What are the signs indicating a faulty headlamp?

Over time, your polycarbonate headlight lenses become yellow or foggy. For the last couple of decades, most lenses were made of plastic, which can get cloudy and can block a lot of light. A headlight restoration kit will make them look new again. You can also bring your vehicle to a car care professional—it’ll be much less expensive than replacing your lenses entirely.

Headlamps go dim over time, you need to replace them. Some vehicles come with a standard bulb, which you can replace or you can upgrade to a halogen bulb that is much brighter. Halogen cost a little bit more, but you will be amazed at the difference. Replace or upgrade both bulbs at the same time.

According to the Highway Safety Code, your headlamps and other lights are part of your vehicle’s safety equipment. So you may get a warning or a fine if you drive with lights that aren’t working. Headlamps and lights are important—they allow you to see, be seen, and get home safe! Replace your headlamps before they become a safety issue.

How often do you need to maintain your headlamps?

As said before, it is much less expensive to restore a lens than to replace it. We use a process of special cleaners and polishes to remove the yellow and foggy layer of the lenses. We then apply a hard protective finish. When we are done, your headlamps are as good as new. It cost less to restore a lens to replace it. You can also restore tail lights and turn signals.

When the bulb burns out, it should be replaced by another bulb of the same kind. Some bulbs are easy to change, but some require dismantling parts under the hood. In this case, we recommend you go see a certified NAPA AUTOPRO technician. It may also be the case that an electric relay has burned out and is preventing power from reaching the headlamps.

The same applies for every other light on your vehicle (fog lights, brake lights, back-up lights, licence-plate lights, turn-signal lights, etc.). Once again, you can replace these bulbs yourself or you can ask a certified NAPA AUTOPRO technician. Making sure your lights are working properly is something that can easily be done when you get your oil changed.

Learn more about headlamps from our NAPA AUTOPRO experts in the video below: