How to Store Your Summer Tires


Given the weather extremes we experience here in Canada, many Canadians must have two sets of tires: dedicated snow tires for winter and all-season tires for the rest of the year. The problem is what to do with that extra set of tires when they’re not on your vehicle. If you have a summer vehicle, how do you keep your summer tires in good shape over the cold season?

Summer Tire Storage Tips

The problem with storing tires isn’t just that space can be hard to find, but also that winter storage can do some real damage. When you put your summer tires away for the winter, they remain vulnerable to harmful forces such as dry rot, UV damage, and flat spots. How do you protect your tires from air, sunlight, and gravity? Here are a few tips to help your tires last longer in storage.

Try to implement as many of these tips as you can to keep your summer tires fresh for next season. Whatever your situation, however, mixing and matching as many of these tips as possible will give you the best results. When considering summer tire storage accessories, aim for the best combination of convenience and protection for your tires.

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By Benjamin Jerew

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