Vehicle maintenance and the manufacturer’s warranty:myth vs. reality.

Having your vehicle serviced by an Automotive Service Professional is a guarantee of safety and gives you peace of mind. But who should you trust with your car’s maintenance? Do you risk voiding the manufacturer’s warranty?

In the interest of transparency, and to dispel any myths and preconceived notions that may be going around, the Automotive Industries Association of Canada (AIA) has published an important notice for all Canadian motorists, regardless of their province of residence.

Choosing your own Automotive Service Professional to perform your car’s routine maintenance does not mean compromising your vehicle’s warranty.

Your car’s maintenance can be entrusted to any Automotive Service Professional who complies with the manufacturer’s service recommendations.

This important fact lets you decide if you want to trust your vehicle’s maintenance to a member of the manufacturer’s network or to a network of Automotive Service Professionals located across Canada.

NAPA AUTOPRO is a proud defender of this choice. By entrusting us with your car’s routine maintenance, you will continue to benefit from your manufacturer’s warranty. We have all the necessary qualifications and equipment, as well as expert technicians, to service your vehicle in compliance with the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule.

Please read the AIA notice: