Vehicle Maintenance and the Manufacturer’s Warranty – Myth vs Reality

Who exactly should you trust with your car’s maintenance? How do you pick the appropriate professional? Do you risk voiding the manufacturer’s warranty if you go to a different garage? To dispel any misleading myths, the Automotive Industries Association of Canada (AIA Canada) published an important notice for all Canadian motorists.

Let’s go over what AIA Canada does and what this notice means to give you peace of mind when it comes to vehicle maintenance.

What Is AIA Canada?

Based in Nepean, Ontario, the Automotive Industries Association of Canada (AIA Canada) provides support and guidance to the country’s auto care industry. With over 4,000 members, the organization offers training programs for automotive technicians, maintains and improves government relations for the sector, and conducts research to help the sector flourish. AIA Canada also provides educational pamphlets and reports on consumer trends, industry tools, and industry landscape trends. Seven regional divisions service all areas of the country to raise awareness of the auto care sector.

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Breaking Down the Notice

In response to several inquiries about vehicle maintenance and warranty, AIA Canada released their notice in 2015 to put Canadians at ease. It is still valid today.

The notice clarified that as long as your mechanic complies with your vehicle manufacturer’s service recommendations, you can have your car serviced wherever you choose. This applies to all Canadians, regardless of their province of residence.

This statement confirms that choosing your own automotive service professional to perform your car’s routine maintenance won’t compromise your vehicle’s warranty. Upholding this freedom of choice allows consumers to sift through their options to find the best service provider for them and their vehicle, letting them factor in details such as price, location, and availability.

Your vehicle’s maintenance can be entrusted to any professional who follows the service recommendations for your specific vehicle. This important fact lets you decide if you want to have your car serviced by a member of the manufacturer’s network or by an independent automotive technician. You also have the right to switch providers at any time.

Further Repair Support

In addition to the maintenance and warranty notice, AIA Canada released a proposal for legislation on the right to vehicle repair in March 2023.

The Right to Repair Legislation is meant to encourage consumer choice and promote a level playing field among garages by mandating equal access to information, tools, and software used in vehicle repair. Some of the intended outcomes of the legislation include increased support for skilled-trade workers and job protection, lowered service costs, preservation of consumer choice, and improved access to repairs (especially in remote communities). The statement includes ten suggested principles for the legislation’s framework, including fair market price and transparency.

Keeping Up With Maintenance

An independent garage can help you with vehicle maintenance, too. Maintenance refers to taking care of your vehicle between repairs and can assist with preventing repairs in the first place.

NAPA AUTOPRO is a proud defender of AIA Canada’s warranty guarantee. By entrusting us with your car’s routine maintenance, you will continue to benefit from your manufacturer’s warranty. We have all the necessary qualifications, equipment, and expert technicians to service your vehicle in compliance with the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule.

For help or advice on maintaining your car, visit a NAPA AUTOPRO service centre to speak with an expert.

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