The Golden Rules of Tire Storage

Tire storage has been on the rise in the last decade with the increased use of bulky tires (especially for SUVs and performance vehicles). Since many drivers find it difficult to move or store their tires, tire retailers have started offering seasonal tire storage.

The service costs from $10 to $15 per tire depending on size and whether or not they’re mounted on rims. They’ll be stored in a dark, dry, and temperate place for the season. Some shops check tires for uneven wear or damage caused by an impact and measure the tire tread depth. At the end of the season, the car owner makes an appointment to get them reinstalled on the vehicle.

Before getting your tires changed, ask your technician about the tread depth. If it’s 5/32 of an inch or less, your tires may not be safe to use for another winter, depending on how much you drive. If that’s the case, you might as well keep them on until June 1 to avoid storage fees and then recycle them.

If you decide to store your tires, your shop’s storage service is a reasonable option. Shops in taller buildings often have little storage space and for some, handling heavy tires is an unpleasant task. The popularity of SUVs and their oversized tires has not improved the situation.

The retailer will identify each tire with the customer’s name and may record the tire’s condition in the file. They will be stored upright. Each tire’s placement on the vehicle will be recorded to make sure they are rotated when they are reinstalled. Lastly, the tires must be stored in a dry, cool area away from sunlight and any grease or chemical products.

Home storage conditions

Now you have the keys to successful tire storage at home—provided you have the space to store them and are able to get them there (tires that are mounted on steel rims are especially difficult to move). Avoid storing them in the furnace room, garden shed, balcony, or similar areas. You can buy covers to protect tires from sunlight, but the white transport bags provided by the retailer to keep the tires from getting your vehicle dirty will do the trick too.