Spring Is Finally Here!

Pack away your winter coat and boots: spring is here! Now’s the time to create your spring maintenance checklist, including important automotive tasks your vehicle needs to transition from snowmobile to summer explorer.

Follow this guide to wipe away what’s left of winter on your car and prepare it to take on the warm weather and clear skies.

Thorough Spring Cleaning

Start your spring maintenance routine with car detailing. First, remove any items you no longer need in your car. During the winter, most people keep a weather-specific emergency kit and other useful snow-related tools in their trunk. In the spring and summer, these act as extra weight, so store them somewhere safe in your home until you need them next.

Some items worth keeping in your trunk year-round include:

  • jumper cables
  • first aid kit
  • multi-tool
  • flashlight

With a clear space to work, give the car’s interior a good scrub using car cleaner. Have a vacuum, some multipurpose wipes, and microfibre towels on standby. Only use products designed for the materials inside your car. If you’re having trouble removing stubborn winter salt, check out these tips

Remember to fully air out the interior to avoid humidity build-up. A car air freshener is a nice final touch to lock in a clean scent.

After completing the inside, move to the exterior. Wash the car from top to bottom with a hose and some car wash soap. Don’t forget to scrub the wheels! Finish your spring cleaning with a layer of protective wax.

You can also take your car to an automatic car wash or professional detailing service to have it cleaned.

Changing Wipers

It’s time to say goodbye to your winter windshield wipers! While they are great for the snow, you’ll need a summer pair to handle the upcoming rain and bugs on your windshield.

Most wiper blades only last for one season, but some come with a wear indicator showing exactly how much life they have left in them.

Remember to get the right size wipers for both your front and rear windshields. Use your previous wipers as a reference.

Fluid Check

Another spring maintenance essential is checking and replenishing your car’s fluids. Without enough fresh fluids, your car won’t function properly.

Inspect the quality of your car’s engine fluid, oil, and windshield wiper fluid and have them replaced or topped up as needed. Make sure you get the right fluids for your car and the season, including summer wiper fluid.

Spring Maintenance Services

To save time and ensure everything is done right, you can get all your spring maintenance tasks done by a professional at any NAPA AUTOPRO service centre. From detailing to brake checks, this comprehensive service will guarantee your vehicle maintenance is up to date and ready to take on the new season, no matter what it endured during the winter.

Happy spring!

Picture courtesy: Shutterstock2316205765