Spring is finally here! (Final part)

Winter is over and it’s time to clean your car for spring. The road salt, snow, and slush have taken their toll on your car both inside and out.

Spring cleaning

Start by giving the interior a thorough scrub. You can find good car cleaners in stores that’ll do the trick and get rid of the grime. You may also want to yank out those winter mats and put them back in storage. Remember to air out the interior properly or humidity will build up inside your car. Next, give the exterior a good wash.

To finish the job, remove all the items that you don’t need in your car anymore. This winter, we suggested a list of items to keep in your car in case of emergency, but come spring, you won’t need most of them. However, we do suggest that you keep the following in your trunk:

The essentials

Flashlight: preferably one that plugs into a 12-volt outlet.
Extra clothes: work gloves and a warm polar fleece sweater.
Warning triangle: you’ll want to set it about 50 metres away from your car if it breaks down.

Emergency car kit

Portable air compressor: look for one that plugs into a 12-volt outlet and comes with a flashlight.
First aid kit: A first aid kit will come in handy if you get a minor burn or cut. You might also want to bring in a bottle of water and snack.
Candle and matches: for heat and light if you’re stranded somewhere for a long time.
Rope or elastic cord: to temporarily hold loose parts in place.