Spring at Last!

Whatever Mother Nature decides to send us in the way of weather for March and April, mild, balmy weather will end up returning officially… sooner or later. Once winter is finally over and done with, it is a good idea to shortlist a few work items to be carried out on your vehicle so the transition from winter to summer flows smoothly. Here is the first part of such a list.

What to do with the tires

Your winter tires must now be stored to make way for summer or four-season tires. However, before deciding to store them away for good until mid-fall, it is first necessary to determine whether they are still in good enough shape to last another winter. The tire-changing technician will be in a position to set the record straight concerning your winter tires by visually inspecting them and measuring their remaining tread thickness. On that basis, you can discuss with him(her) whether it is essential to acquire a new set of winter tires.

Finally, make sure to judiciously select the location where you will store your winter tires: avoid any hot, dry spots, and favour instead a cool, humid area. In the house, a basement or a garage corner can fill the bill; otherwise, several mechanical shops offer tire storage until the following change.


Some people will have taken the time to install winter wipers, which are sturdier and handle snow and ice with more aplomb. In such cases, they have to think of changing these to the summer wipers. As it is difficult to measure and identify the wipers’ rate of wear, you can now buy a model bearing a wear indicator, which will provide a clear picture of their condition.

Remember that NAPA AUTOPRO centres offer a seasonal maintenance service for spring. This puts your vehicle up to date on several fronts and gets it ready to tackle the new season, given that it has not too deeply suffered from the kind of winter we have just gone through!