New Year’s resolutions for your car

The New Year is traditionally a time for resolutions. If you can make resolutions for yourself, why not for your car? After all, your vehicle is also starting a new year! Here are some resolutions popular with Canadians that also apply to your car:

Stop smoking
The number of vehicles on the road is steadily increasing, and that includes used cars. Aging vehicles are synonymous with more pollution. Your ecological conscience is awakening in 2015 and says it’s time to do your share for the planet. Regular maintenance is one of the best ways to reduce your vehicle’s carbon footprint. NAPA AUTOPRO offers a regular and seasonal maintenance service to check all the components necessary for filtering emissions.

Go to the gym
It isn’t easy to motivate yourself to train for more than two weeks, but this is quickly satisfying once it becomes regular. This principle also applies to oil changes: don’t wait for your engine to clog before taking action. After a maintenance visit, a sticker on your windshield or an email will remind you when you need an oil change, for example. Often you’ll put it off, telling yourself that another few hundred or thousand kilometres won’t harm the system. But that’s false! Think about it next time you go to the gym.

Have confidence
When it’s time for maintenance or to change a part, trusting their car to an unknown person can make some people feel insecure. That’s why NAPA AUTOPRO service centres employ skilled technicians who have the expertise to take care of this problem. The service is certified by a “Peace of Mind Warranty” covering all systems.

After these few suggestions, what resolutions will you make for your car?