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For the best auto repair service in Ontario, trust the expertise of NAPA AUTOPRO.
Our auto repair shops in Amaranth, provide you with a complete offering of maintenance and repair services, such as oil change, wheel alignment & brake maintenance. In order to get the best auto mechanic services in the region, use our interactive map and find the nearest NAPA AUTOPRO garage in Amaranth.
Amaranth Auto Service
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519 941-1179

285142, County Rd. 10
Amaranth, Ontario
L9W 0Y8

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Maintenance tips

Why is my A/C not blowing cold?

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Maintenance tips

Extreme heat can damage your battery 

People aren’t the only ones to suffer in a hot car. Your battery feels it, too. How the heat affects it will depend, in part, on the specific type your…

Maintenance tips

Signs Your A/C Needs to be Recharged (and/or Repaired)

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