Anti-rust and hybrid/electric cars

Is it time to think about getting a new car? Does your family need a second vehicle? With all the compact cars and SUVs out there, have you considered an alternative fuel vehicle? Obviously, you need to weigh your needs before making a decision. Many Canadians are now opting for a hybrid or electric vehicle. And while they may seem very high-tech, you have to be a little bit careful with them!

Different rules for different technologies

We often hear that alternative fuel cars require less maintenance than traditional fuel cars. True, but that doesn’t mean you can cut corners on certain things, like corrosion protection. Electric or not, all cars are made of steel!

When you finally buy the hybrid or electric car of your dreams, there are some things you should watch out for. For one, some vehicle warranties are weakened or voided altogether if rust proofing is applied. Manufacturers do not recommend using rust-proofing, claiming that coating hybrid parts and high-voltage electrical wiring can cause serious damage.

Keep in mind that the steel used to make cars is generally treated in the factory. Applying corrosion protection is therefore not as important when you buy a new car. In the doubt, refer to the owner manual.

The conclusion

Confused yet? Okay, here’s the answer straight up. A qualified technician will be able to properly apply the right product, if needed, to protect the body of your car. At home, the best way to protect your vehicle from rust is to regularly wash off all the dirt that collects under your car.