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51 Ontario St.
Burks Falls, ON
P0A 1C0
Fax: 705-382-0499

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Tuesday 8:00 am 5:00 pm
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Sylvia Mason

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As I'm new to the Burk's Falls area, I was dubious about finding a new auto service place for my vehicle. But, I would not hesitate to tell everyone that if you need auto service for your vehicle, take it to Paul's. They treat you wonderfully and everyone is so great and they explain everything to you and I'm glad I took a chance with this company!!!! P.S. Had to use them again this week after the AWD Escape became undriveable. They got me back home and have ordered new snow tires for my Saturn Vue and will pick me up once the car is ready. I don't think anyone could ask for better service. Also, as a woman, and not knowing a great deal about vehicles, I have the confidence that I am not being "taken for a ride" and being charged for things that I don't need! Excellent work from a great Auto Service company!!!!

Sally Cloud

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These guys are the best, won't go anywhere else.

Rosie Cornelius

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Amazing customer service. Our windshield wiper broke on the highway so we turned off into Burk's Falls. We located the Napa, thank God there was one, and the attendant was super helpful. He even came outside in the cold to put on the new windshield wiper.

michele beck

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Great customer service.

Pauls Auto Service

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"In regards to ""Allan S"" we apologize for only having one tire to for your car, seeing as we are not a tire shop we just so happened to have an extra one on our rack in the proper size for a Toyota Corolla. If you were to contact any responsible Auto Service provider and they will also recommend that you should also get your tires re-torqued after a wheel has been removed, if you were to also contact your Toyota Service provider regarding their policy on wheel removal and installation, they have a wheel torque reminder sticker that is applied to the windshield, same concept as an oil change reminder. You can refer to KALTIRE and locate the article on ""Why re-torque? The importance of re-torquing"" it also explains the importance of wheel re-torquing. If mister ""Allan S"" has a reputable service provider he would be aware about wheel re-torquing. Also the statement (I understand that tires need to be realigned after a change because nuts may have loosened -- but to be so badly tightened that they're all at risk of falling off?) is completely backwards, they need to be re-torqued not realigned because of the simple fact that the nuts may have loosened, and yes their is a chance that the wheel may fall off with the nuts loose. As per the gentleman who was asking about his brake work it is recommended to have your brakes serviced every 6 months to ensure the quality of your brakes last. It is irrelevant if the vehicle is brand new or 10 or more years old to have them serviced. In conclusion to ""Allan S"" review Paul's Auto Service is not the only Service provider that recommends wheel re-torquing."

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