Why Your Auto Mechanic Needs to See Your Car Regularly


The two main reasons why people bring their car to an auto mechanic are: (1) for regular scheduled maintenance and (2) because they noticed a problem. The standard oil change interval has gradually increased from 5,000 km to 15,000 km. Oil changes every few months are pretty much history. For today’s vehicles, it’s not uncommon to have an oil change just once a year— perhaps more often if you have a short commute.

Longer service intervals don’t mean that engines, brakes, and other car parts don’t wear out. It’s still worth visiting your auto mechanic at least every six months, especially if your annual mileage doesn’t warrant regular maintenance.

Five reasons to visit your auto mechanic

Many people won’t take their car to the mechanic unless they detect a problem or their vehicle is due for maintenance. The truth is that you may not notice a problem until it’s too late. If you’re not yet convinced that you should visit your mechanic routinely, keep reading.

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By Benjamin Jerew

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