Should You Get a Second Set of Rims and Tires for Winter?


Seasonal changes bring different challenges, and Canadian winters are no exception. Many drivers will mount their winter tires before the first frost and swap them for all-season or summer tires after the spring thaw. Others will opt for an entirely separate set of rims and tires for winter. But is this really necessary?

A second set of rims comes with advantages and disadvantages. Winter tires, however, are crucial. While all-season tires offer a good compromise for many road situations, they’re not suitable for Canadian winters. For cold-weather traction and safety, you need winter tires. Here’s why:

Second Set of Wheels and Tires – Advantages

Second Set of Wheels and Tires – Disadvantages

One thing you can’t compromise on is safety. Winter tires are an absolute must once temperatures drop below freezing, especially for ice, snow, and slush. Mounting your winter tires on a second set of rims makes it easier to switch back and forth when the time comes.

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By Benjamin Jerew

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